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Retro Pinball Party

By Amber KeiperI always make a big deal out of my birthday and often joke that it usually lasts all month long.  My poor husband, on the other hand, usually gets something a much more toned-down type of celebration - going out to dinner, having a few friends over - things like that. So this… Continue reading Retro Pinball Party

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Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

By Jennie RamirezFor you creative ladies who are always on a budget, here's a great idea to customize your wine glasses - or any other glassware you need for a holiday event...or as a gift. This is an expensive, artisan look done at home to decorate glassware for your party or event. Supplies Needed Paint… Continue reading Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

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A Very French Birthday Party

By Amber KeiperI think it's every girl's fantasy to visit Paris. It's portrayed as such a romantic city - full of love in the air - what girl could resist? And with my deep love of french cinema, you can imagine just how irresistible the thought of visiting the "the city of light" is to… Continue reading A Very French Birthday Party

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Tea Parties Are Not Just For Girls Named Alice

By Amber Keiper and Susan Keiper Ever since I was a little girl I loved to read. It was my favorite way of leaving wherever I was and transport myself into another world…a world where I could enjoy someone else’s life and embark on an incredible journey. Of all the stories and novels I read as… Continue reading Tea Parties Are Not Just For Girls Named Alice

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Recipe Review: Pinata Sugar Cookies

I found this recipe online at - it's a sugar cookie that when you break it open, has a candy surprise inside, mimicking a Mexican pinata. I thought this was such a creative idea that I just had to try it out! My bestie, Samantha threw a Cinco de Mayo-themed birthday party for her… Continue reading Recipe Review: Pinata Sugar Cookies