At Hip Chick Hostess our mission is to empower women with the confidence to take an ordinary idea and make it extraordinary – all while still having enough the energy to dazzle and wow the crowd!
We’ll give you the tools you need to create a fabulously memorable event so you can celebrate with the people you care about the most.

Monica ReyesMeet Monica Reyes: President and co-founder of Hip Chick Hostess

“I’m a hip young mom full of spunk and style, born and raised in the Bay Area. I have a strong passion for cooking and adore trying out new recipes. When I host an event, I find the greatest pleasure knowing my guests always leave with fun and lasting memories. Of course I cherish the company of my family and closest friends too!

I pride myself in my strict organizational skills and extreme attention to detail – both qualities that help me to throw elaborate parties while still having time to mingle and enjoy myself.”

Amber KeiperMeet Amber Keiper: Vice-President and c0-founder of Hip Chick Hostess

“Ever since I could remember, I’ve had a knack for throwing parties. At the age of 12, I would organize after school parties at the park near my school while my friends and I waited for our parents to pick us up. I’d get everyone to pitch in their leftover lunch money to buy party essentials like drinks, snacks and candy. We’d have such a blast that the time would just fly by.

Over the years, my hostess skills have evolved and I’ve upgraded from schoolyard parties to grander events; from casual get-togethers to extravagant holiday celebrations. My experience has taught me that in order to throw a successful party, you must make every guest feel welcome and included – from the social butterfly in the group to the shyest wallflowers .”

Jennie Ramirez

Meet Jennie Ramirez: co-founder of Hip Chick Hostess

“I am a married mother of four wonderful kids – three of which are all grown-up now. With all my children, I have always been on a budget when it came to throwing them a party. And that’s the way I prefer it! You see, if I saw an idea I liked – like in a magazine or on television – I would take it as inspiration to dream up an amazing party. When throwing a party, it always gives me such satisfaction to know that my kids, their friends, and our family have enjoyed themselves.

I always make it a point to put my own personal touch on everything I do – from the invitations to the food and the decorations. This is how I am able to successfully turn an ordinary party into an exciting adventure…all while keeping it within a strict budget.”

Susan Keiper

Meet Susan Keiper: co-founder of Hip Chick Hostess

“My name is Susan Keiper but everyone calls me Sue. I’m a child of the sixties and back then we ate the classic American foods – like meat and potatoes – practically every night. My mother was an excellent cook and my father was the master griller. Together they would throw lavish parties for their friends and were always the perfect host and hostess team. I learned a lot from watching them over the years. I learned to cook, bake and plan parties and as I got older I even learned how to cook delicious, low carb meals.

I pride myself in putting my love in all the dishes that I create. My specialties are party foods: salads, mini bites, finger foods and hors d’oeuvres. The trick is to prepare as much as you can ahead of time so you don’t have to stress out at the last minute.”