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Hot Chocolate Snowman

By Amber Keiper
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I always find that I have to most fun looking for (or making) gifts for the kids. They get a kick out of everything fun, whimsical and creative. This year especially, there are a lot of kids on my Christmas shopping list so I decided to go the homemade route with them.

Scouring through hundreds of images on Pinterest, I found these cute mason jar snowmen that I just had to replicate. Since the source didn’t post how to make them, here’s my spin on these cute, kid-friendly holiday gifts.

Supplies Needed
Three 4 oz. mason jars
Black felt
Powdered Hot Chocolate mix
Mini Marshmallows
Mini candies (I used mini assorted chocolates)
Orange construction paper
Black construction paper (or a black permanent marker)
Hole punch
Glue stick
Black spray paint
Glue gun and replacement glue sticks
Red jingle bells (optional)
2″ holiday ribbon or fabric (for the scarf)

Wash and thoroughly dry the mason jars. You don’t want the powdered chocolate to stick to the jar. One thing I didn’t do (but should have) was spray paint one of outer jar lid rings black. This lid ring will be the snowman’s top hat.

Fill the first jar full of marshmallows (this is the snowman’s head). Place the inner lid cap over the jar opening. Cut a 4″ x 4″ circle out of the black felt, place it over the inner lid then screw the black lid ring over the felt.

Next, fill the second jar with the hot chocolate mix and screw the cap and lid on.

Finally, fill the last remaining jar with the candies and then screw the cap and lid on.

Next comes the assembly. Using the glue gun, glue the bottom of the jar of hot chocolate mix to the lid of the jar of candies. Next, glue the bottom of the jar of marshmallows to the lid of the jar of hot chocolate.

The last step is the decorating. Use the hole punch to make two small circles from the black construction paper (or use the permanent marker) to make eyes for the snowman. Cut a small triangle from the orange construction paper to make the nose. Glue these pieces onto the marshmallow jar to make the face of the snowman. Finally, you can hot glue two red jingle bells (or use some red construction paper) to make a couple of buttons on the hot chocolate jar.

The finishing touch: tie a piece of holiday ribbon or fabric around the top of the hot chocolate lid to make a festive scarf.

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