Bring the Beach to Baby’s First Birthday

By: Monica Reyes

The date June 11th is coming up around the corner! This date is significant to me because my son is turning 1 this year! The day is nearing quickly and I am starting to plan his Big Birthday Bash. I would like all you Hip Chick’s to join me on planning this journey. I’m excited to share this special day with you all.

I have began my party planning with an invitation of course. I chose to send a Facebook invite because I’m planning to keep this event small. Most of my guests are easy to contact via facebook rather them by paper invites. I have also decided to create an Evite so I can personalize the invitation.

My fiancé and I have decided to host a beach party for Evan’s big bash. With Evan’s birthday falling in the summer, we thought it would be perfect! There are so many ideas I have for this event. Stay tuned to see my handsome bou’s bash come together. Can you think of any decorating  ideas to make the beach theme really stand out? Share your comments on our blog at


One thought on “Bring the Beach to Baby’s First Birthday

  1. You should get some different colors of Sand(michaels i believe have it) & put them in cool & different shaped bottles!!

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