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Retro Pinball Party

By Amber KeiperI always make a big deal out of my birthday and often joke that it usually lasts all month long.  My poor husband, on the other hand, usually gets something a much more toned-down type of celebration - going out to dinner, having a few friends over - things like that. So this… Continue reading Retro Pinball Party


Ultimate Birthday Party Planning Guide…for Procrastinators

By Monica Reyes As a full-time student and working mom, life is busy! I try very hard to accomplish all my tasks in a timely manner; whether at work or at home. Well, next month my little one turns 2! It was just yesterday that I was still able to fit him in my arms… Continue reading Ultimate Birthday Party Planning Guide…for Procrastinators

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Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

By Jennie RamirezFor you creative ladies who are always on a budget, here's a great idea to customize your wine glasses - or any other glassware you need for a holiday event...or as a gift. This is an expensive, artisan look done at home to decorate glassware for your party or event. Supplies Needed Paint… Continue reading Hand-Painted Wine Glasses


Spiked Hot Chocolate In A Jar

By Amber Keiper Since I'm not a big fan of egg nogg, I always think of hot chocolate as my signature holiday beverage. This year, I'm sharing my love for hot Mexican spiced hot chocolate with my friends with a fun little gift: Spiked Hot Chocolate in a Jar. This is a quick and easy… Continue reading Spiked Hot Chocolate In A Jar

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Hot Chocolate Snowman

By Amber Keiper I always find that I have to most fun looking for (or making) gifts for the kids. They get a kick out of everything fun, whimsical and creative. This year especially, there are a lot of kids on my Christmas shopping list so I decided to go the homemade route with them.… Continue reading Hot Chocolate Snowman